About The Centre

The Hydrotherapy Centre houses a modern K9 Surf Hydrotherapy Pool. There are  ramps both inside and outside the pool, which give dogs easy access. The water in the pool is heated 28-32 degrees centigrade. This is an ideal temperature as it increases the benefit of swimming by allowing the cardiovascular system to access deep muscles and tissues rather than just heat up the bodies periphery.

Water is filtered, cleaned and sanitised with Bromine. The pool is regularly checked throughout the day to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety for your dog.

Jane or Maria is in the pool with every dog and they either wear a harness or life jacket for safety. Your dog is in qualified and capable hands.

About Jane Webb

I have had dogs all my life. Before training as a Hydrotherapist I was a paramedic for 30 years. I hold a level 3 certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals. Completing courses in Anatomy & Physiology, Canine First Aid, Water Management, The Practises & Principles of Hydrotherapy as well as attending specialised lectures on spinal injuries and hip & elbow dysplasia.

I am a committed dog owner and  competed in Working Trials for 25 years. I have been competing in  Obedience for 18 years. I have two working sheepdogs, one is a Working Trials champions,  and my youngest, who is 9yrs old, works at ticket level in Obedience.

About Patricia Pyle (Maria)

I have loved dogs all my life starting with a family pet dog. At twelve I looked after a pony until I sadly outgrew it! After leaving school I worked for John Webber, a horse racing trainer in Cropredy. I loved every minute and stayed for seven years. I then worked for The Blue Cross for two years, handling a variety of animal species.

In 1989 I married and had a family. I  owned a variety of pets in that time including snakes, ants and of course dogs! My current dogs are Taz a working sheepdog and Brooke a Papillon.

I have also studied for the level 3 certificate in Hydrotherapy for small animals.

We would like to continue the Paramedic ethos in the Canine Hydrotherapy Centre,  that is:

  • Preserve Life
  • Promote Recovery
  • Prevent Deterioration

Now you know about our ethos and the centre, click here to read about how we work and session costs.

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